Snyde the SKin SculptoR

Snyde-Red-tu-wank-clanThus spaketh the great sliver under my big toenail…

and thus spoke the great coagulated jelly of the festering papyrus newspaper.

Shattering the eardrumbs of the cyan elephant peyote trafficer, and watch the grasshopper cheeseburger glide unto thee. As I shake my head back to sense, and rub the daze from my eyes I heard cicada’s violently fornicate in the distance. They clearly didnt understand good neighbor etiquette, but I minded my own business as always. The crystalline origami crane started to overheat, so I dashed to the reactor to initiate shutdown before climax. The last time it overheated every gecko and chuihuahua on the block started to crave peaches and sweet potatoes, yet the reason why remains unanswered. My neighbor Wade finally emerged from his ice cream dome home. The first thing he asked was , “Hey Snyde you hear theres a volcano underground between Krispy Kreme and LA Fitness?”, to which I simply replied…no.

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