Luke Cage Reggae Review and Marvel Music

I have always expressed myself as a fan of reggae both modern and old.


The duration of the second season of Marvel’s Luke Cage see’s this genre as a prominent voice and figure. What with introduction of Jamaican gang’s associated with Harlem’s past (at least in this iteration). It started off with the introduction of the 2nd season’s main antagonist Bushmaster, his presence being built up with less than subtle jamrock performed by Damian Marley. This trend really started with Luke Cage’s 1st season with Method Man making a prominent appearance and the soundtrack following suit.


The blockbuster Black Panther is another name in which the music community as a whole has truly embraced this fusion of hip hop with a west african flare. Cage’s second season, too, chose to have a guest star embodying the flavor of funk chosen for theme. Stephen Marley himself made a supremely prominent appearance (as himself of course) performing what I personally identify as “Marley reggae”. Now hear me out before I get pinned to the wall for “profiling” music. Stephen along with big brother Ziggy have truly inherited the voice of their father. That soulful, and distinctly raspy inflection that speaks volumes despite its softness. Seeing Bushmaster take control of the club and view Stephen performing from his balcony shook the earth in cultural gravitas for me.

This is truly the first time reggae music as a musical genre has taken center stage as the backdrop for a major franchise like Marvel let alone as the thematic tracking for one if it’s prominent Netflix saga’s.

  • Jessica Jones with it’s jazzy noir splash.
  • Daredevil with it’s deep nearly Dark Knight vibe’s.
  • Punisher with it’s stern rock and acoustic violent melancholy.



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